Boiler Service Bristol

Boiler service Bristol. A boiler fault can be dangerous. It’s therefore best practice to get your boiler serviced annually to make sure it’s working correctly and safe.

If you have a new boiler, you will probably have a manufacture warranty. The manufacture will only uphold the warranty if the boiler is serviced annually.

What you get from a basic service by Bristol Boiler Installers:

  • A visual once over to see if anything stands out
  • A working once over to see the boiler working correctly
  • All main boiler components checked (pump, fan etc)
  • Check the flues performance and integrity
  • Gas valve check using a flue gas analyser
  • Gas valve check using a monometer
  • An internal clean
  • Gas tightness test to ensure no gas leaks
  • Check that the boiler case is sealed correctly

If a more in depth boiler service is required such as extensive cleaning to the main heat exchanger, secondary heat exchanger etc. A full service will be carried out at a cost of £105.00.

You will then receive a service report that shows everything we have carried out.

Boiler service Bristol & Bath starts at a low cost of just £75.00

Call  07771546105 to book your boiler service

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